Slave Review 9

Well first of all Madame Cane is a beautiful lady who loves what she does and will put you at ease straight away there was no clock watching and after the session i was offered a cuppa and sit in the chill out room my session was exactly what i wanted and asked for. I will certainly be returning x

Slave Review 8

Having endured a period of some 6 months since my last session with Madame Cane, her Scarfman Slave was recently permitted another session with his Addictive, Beautiful Madame. Such opportunities are highly valued, much needed and integral to the life of this submissive.

A warm, welcoming smile….a cuppa and chat saw Madame and her slave reunited, our friendship goes back some 15yrs!….a cocktail of true friendship and Madames part and place in my life and existence as Mistress.

I presented Madame with her gift…(something I have the pleasure of doing each time I am permitted a session). Madame liked and agreed to wear this for the duration of our session.

So, to the session itself….Madame once again transfixed her slave….a mixture of pain, teasings….total control of his feelings…..leaving my nerves jangling…..shackled and blindfolded…. electrics….. pinwheels…pinching…..slapping….taunting…..genitals punished…..flogged both on the back, chest and ass…. bitten…..teased….hurt….breath restricted more than once….all with the class and style that makes Madame Cane so unique.

The focus then changed as Madame introduced her Violet Wand to the session….(something her slave had brought Madame some time ago). Madame had added some new attachments…. These resulting in some pretty instant, harsh re-actions when inflicted on her slave…..with of course Madames accompanying laughter as she enjoyed seeing my discomfort!!

Time was allowed in order for her slave to recover at the close of the session.

Suffice to say Madame remains, in my eyes, the only gorgeous, sexy, alluring, addictive Goddess my life could ever need or long for. Madame… are adored, loved…..always so.

Thank You Madame Cane.

Your Scarfman Slave.

Slave Review 7

My first session with Madame cane was a really great experience.

Felt comfortable throughout the session and had a really great time.

The canning I received was just what I wanted and every stroke felt good.

Now I want more even harder cane strokes.

Madame cane is great fun and will make sure you have a laugh.

Definitely want more.

Slave Review 6

Visited A Number Of Other Mistresses In & Around The Midlands Area But After Meeting Madame Cane I Realised I’d Reached My Final Destination, The Moment You Set Eyes On Madame Cane To The Time She Allows You To Leave Is Bliss, She Greets You With A Smile But Punishes You With Her Joyful Laughter Amongst Other Things, After My Session I Wasn’t Thrown Out Like Rubbish You Get Chance To Relive Every Second While Having A Coffee / Tea & A Chat. In My Opinion If You’ve Seen The Rest Now Come See Madame Cane THE BEST

Sissy Slut Review

My first dual sissy slut experience

At our post session chat after my last visit to Madame Cane , I mentioned that i had occasionally indulged in a bit of Bi play, Mistress asked me if I liked dressing up and playing with other subs . I said that I liked to sometimes play the sissy and that occasionally I had played with TVs although not in a domination setting. Mistress then said that she had a slut who had asked her if she could arrange a session with another sissy slut, and would I be UP for it . I said yes and Mistress said that she would make some arrangements and be in contact. These were duly made and a date was set.

This was how I met Brandy . After a few awkward moments when we were both in male mode we were both ordered to strip and get dressed and ready. I ( now Mary) was dressed in my pink sissy maid outfit , Brandy in her sexy red lingerie . Mistress help me with my makeup , Brandy expertly done her own , we were transformed into a pair of sluts.

Now to the fun , i was secured arms stretched out above my head tottering on my pink 5′ stilettos. Brandy was now sat in front of me and started to fondle my stiffening cock, Unfortunately for her she had been placed in Chastity a few days before and was to be denied an erection. My panties were now pulled down and Brandy now took my hard cock in her mouth and proceeded to show off her deepthroat skills to Mistress.

Mistress was now having with electric pin wheel , pleasure and pain together so it went on Mistress giving pain Brandy with my cock in her mouth.
It ended with me strapped over her spanking bench as Brandy was in chastity Mistress fucked me with her strapon of course I had to pay for this pleasure so Mistress administered a dozen strokes of the cane on my backside.

The session had been expertly administered by our wonderful Mistress and a good time was had by all.

Thank You Mistress for a great session

Slave Review 5

It has been my greatest honour and privilege to have known and served Madame for a number of years. She has become integral to my life and very existence. Its and my true meaning and destiny.

Firstly her beauty and style are quite breathtaking. So very quickly Madame became the sweetly, addictive, seductive drug this slave truly cannot live without. I hold her in the highest esteem…. adore and worship her like no other in my life. Though she demands respect, in my case, this is more than forthcoming, a true pleasure and honour so to do.

Secondly, Madame’s control and influence is both wanted and needed so very much. She owns the most amazing selection of heels which she wears with mesmerising style, as is the case with her stunning thigh length boots. To see Madame attired in her stockings and suspenders and heels is quite the most alluring of sights. Just view her galleries here…. amazing!!

Her outfits are classy and stunningly sexy. Always impeccably attired, Madame looks a true vision when one first lays eyes on her. Her nails so beautifully painted she uses to tease and taunt and inflict pain.

Madame’s Dungeon displays a myriad of implements and equipment which she uses with great skill, bringing her slave to his knees in obedience and admiration. Her control through pain, teasing and taunting takes you to a level of total submission… ”subbie heaven”. In particular her use of electrics, her pinwheel, her use of breath restriction all compound her ultimate control and influence over this, her subject.

Madame looks at her most alluring and stunning when she becomes “My Scarf Mistress”. She attires herself in a satin headscarf… (Grace Kelly style), and is quite the most gorgeous Goddess. Seeing Madame as such serves only to reinforce my deep and heartfelt love for such a beautiful and special of ladies. In truth this slave is totally besotted with his Madame Cane.

There is nothing more needed or desired than to hear Madame…. taunt, tease, belittle and order her slave. Her use of language, from its most basic to her sophisticated levels of her understanding of the true me and my absolute need for Madame she uses to complete effect and control over me.

Madame Cane then, is a lady of true style…. who uses her knowledge, strength, skills and beauty to bring the undeserving, weak and submissive under her control and influence. She is a Goddess, a Mistress, an Addictive Beauty of a rarity and uniqueness that such as I have been privileged to serve, adore and worship…..indeed, love so very much.

Scarfman…. Madame Cane’s Submissive/Slave Always.

Slave Review 4

Well I had my first exploratory training session with Madame Cane on Wednesday 15th March 2018. I say exploratory as this was my first visit to a mistress in many many years. Am so pleased I chose Madame Cane as we hit it off straight away.

Madame skillfully re-introduced me to electrics and a really good spanking and paddling 2 hour session. I still have the marks and Madame’s hand print and paddle marks on my buttocks. Madame complimented me on the amount of spanks and paddle strokes I could take!! I hope this bodes well for one of my many desires to be Madame’s Pain Slut! Indeed I hope Madame keeps her promise to increase the intensity on my next session as am sat here longing for another but more severe paddling.

Hopefully, and dare I say eagerly, I hope to be submitting my mind and body to Madame for Cum Slut Whore training so I can be a flexible submissive dirty slut for Madame Cane to use and abuse me in any way she desires and that she deems fitting for a dirty slut whore.

A lovely Madame in every respect. I have the utmost respect for her and look forward to many more interesting training sessions and the opportunity to well and truly earn my inferior position and new purpose in life

Slave Review 3

A first Session with a wonderful Dominatrix – Madame Cane

A first session with a new Dominatrix (Mistress) is always a special occasion. The blood rushes around the body and the adrenaline levels increase in the days before the session. Then as the time gap diminishes so proportionally the anxieties, the fears and the concerns of the unknown increase.

I had been attracted to Madame Cane’s website by two factors – Nottingham and the word cane, and so I had made my first appointment for a session. I had outlined my likes and dislikes but was philosophical in my expectancy of the unknown. Experience suggested that I should not expect too much in a first session as both Dominatrix and submissive need time to adjust and to acclimatise to each other.

How wrong I was as my introductory session to Madame Cane was a revelation. She was calm and deliberate in her demands and had me drooling as she slowly teased and punished me in a measured and comfortable fashion. I felt completely at home and wanted the one and half hour session to never end. In fact I am sure Madame Cane would have been happy to continue as she also seemed to be thoroughly immersed in the session.

Her relaxed manner persuaded me to have my cock and balls teased by electric shock, my nipples teased by her elegant fingers (and her beautifully polished nails – wow – more please Madame) and she somehow even found time to stroke her silky stockings around my legs. I wanted the teasing to never end but as always with fun there has to be a reckoning.

Chained by my wrists Madame Cane stood behind me hugging, and teasing me. I could feel her presence through her flimsy dress and of course I was intoxicated by her fragrances and then suddenly the mood changed as she chastised me as I had requested in earlier discussions. Leather and wooden paddles, crops, tawses and belts and other implements were all used liberally to my bottom, back of legs and back. The punishment was executed superbly with minimum fuss and was extremely enjoyable. I was aware that Madame Cane was testing my resolve and limits and noticed the pleasure shown when a particular vicious stroke left its mark (in more ways than one). I tried to endure the punishment without showing any reaction but to no avail. One particular blow which caused the leather strap to wrap around my legs produced a yell and a jump (and a broad smile of Madame’s beautiful face).

Finally the time of reckoning had arrived. I had indicated that I enjoyed or tolerated, wanted or wished to receive a severe caning. Madame did not disappoint and 60 strokes were delivered to my bottom and legs with a variety of canes (thin and thick, whippy and springy). The last 10 were all delivered in quick session and they fairly took my breath away. More please!!!. Madame was very generous in sharing her images and photos of the session and the results of her hard work.

I felt very comfortable at the end that I had found a new Mistress and one that I will be keen and happy to visit on a regular basis in the future. That is of course if she will allow me to visit again. I shall pray that my wish and hopes come true.

Slave Review 2

This was first visit to Madame Cane but not my first by any means to a Mistress .

On arrival I was offered a drink we had a good chat about my likes and dislikes and any no go areas. As my OK list got longer and my no go list was quite short her smile got wider and more wicked.

I was then shown to her dungeon and ordered to get naked.

Chained up gagged blind folded I feel some thing being attached to my cock. I don’t has much time to wonder before a thousand sharp needles attack my cock and I realize that Mistress has deployed her electric box . I soon find out that this is one of her favorite toys . In fact she loves all things electric as the violet wand is soon brought into action.

My nipples are soon given some attention just as well I have been gagged! Its now time to find out why Mistress calls herself Madame Cane.

The two hours of my session passed all too soon. My extremities are stinging and my bottom could be used for a toaster. A very enjoyable session has just taken place.

After the session we had a good chat about the session and a bit more of my BDSM likes and dislikes. We were already planning my next session.

A Slave Review

Wow wow wow, I have been lucky enough to session with Madame Cane on a couple of occasions, each one a progression from the one before. Mistress is just wonderful, a friendly chat over a cup of tea with just the odd wicked giggle to let you know that things may get a lot more exciting.

I don’t want to ruin anyone’s session by giving too much away but Mistress’ nipple torture oh it hurts like hell but you almost beg for more (that almost will cost me next time I’m sure!).

Mistress also loves electrics and if you don’t then you have never experienced them from an absolute artist.

Electrics leads to the Violet Wand. Now this little instrument of torture screams pain at you well before it gets close to your skin. Mistress has a wide variety of attachments for this and again – just wait and enjoy! She will not disappoint you.

And then of course there is Madame Cane – a name to suit a Mistress who will light up your cheeks like they have never been lit before – with or without marking to suit your needs. I have never had a short sharp shock but more a concert orchestra of instruments playing on my butt.

I’m addicted – Mistress is the best!