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Nottingham Mistress

Madame Cane – Nottingham Mistress

I expect ALL slaves and submissives to follow MY Rules without hesitation.

Read these very carefully indeed and remember them well or you will suffer the consequences!

You will follow ALL of my instructions given by telephone, e-mail, and in person, without question.

You will inform Me of any medical problems you have/had when booking. i.e. heart, diabetes etc.

You will inform Me when booking of any allergies that you have.

If you book a session with me, you must keep the appointment or phone and cancel it, with as much notice as is possible, not just 5 minutes prior. If you do not, you will never ever be allowed to session with me.

Before each session, We will have an informal discussion about what you are hoping for from the session. ALL fetishes and fantasies need to be discussed and you MUST be clear about what you like and dislike.

You MUST be clean and presentable upon arrival. Poor personal hygiene will not be tolerated!