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Slave Review 19

I couldn’t wait for this session it seems like ages since I was before my Mistress eager to take whatever punishments she had in store for me – treats too  – though I knew I’d been careless and I do know how much Mistress loves to push my limits.
Oh nooo – no soft build up this session, just chained up standing in the middle of the room. Before she blindfolded me Mistress selected her choice of pleasure givers. The single tail, the dragons tongue, her favourite purple crop, a thick mean looking cane – no paddles, no floggers – oh we all love floggers don’t we. I was beyond excited and apprehensive now. I felt a shimmer of fear as Mistress fitted the blindfold and I heard her take up position behind me. I forget how many strokes I was due and the number is still too high to believe counting will help me reach the end of the onslaught. Thump and the single tail lands heavily on my back holy crap I don’t think I can take this. Owwwww the single tail catches me just right it’s end whipping around to leave a welt below my nipple that In the end took over a week to fade. Wow the difference between those pains. Each to their own but the deep thuds really hurt me and search as I might I can’t find the pleasure hidden within them but oh those force stinging single tail lashes that land cleanly and raise huge welts wow they hurt (I wanted to swear then so you know what I mean) they make me want to dance but in there is a rush of adrenaline, a pain wave that is sensual – I want to scream stop yet no I want more. No worries on that score. Mistress had a picture to paint on my body and she wasn’t giving any sympathy until it was done. Check my back and ass stripes out on her twitter page. And yes it’s true you will love carrying those marks and I defy you not to crave more when they’ve gone. Thank you my Mistress for delivering your special black hearted love for your slave with such skill persistence and happiness. Your laughter through the glorious pain truly is the addiction xxxx

Slave Review 18

Madame cane is absolutely great had a truly wonderful time.

Had whippings with different types of whips hood and nipple clamps for a different experience.

Couldn’t help laughing as Madame cane has slightly evil laugh which starts me laughing even when the whip lands.

Can’t wait to see her again.

Slave Review 17

I was so excited to be granted a session on the same weekend as my Mistresses birthday, so stupidly excited I gave myself to her for her amusement without limits or consideration of my likes and dislikes.
After minimal pleasantries and a drink (no need to discuss the forthcoming session as my input not required) I was instructed to strip as Mistress prepared the wonderfully comfortable chair that spreads your legs and arms and exposes your Mistresses property fully. This chair is hard wood that you perch on supported by just your thighs until after a time you believe you are a part of it – well you would if your mind wasn’t distracted by what else is going on.

My Mistress blindfolded me and welcomed me to the session with two nipple clamps joined by a chain which was used to check they had been fitted securely. I’d love to say this hurts – and it does but somewhere in my brain the pain is sidelined and the pleasure is just wonderful. Mistress picks up on this and pulls the chain in all directions to get me to moan in both pain and pleasure.

A couple of strikes with her crop on my, by now leaking cock, soon get me back from enjoying the nipple pain. Did I say my cock? Oh that will cost me – of course my Mistress owns this cock. And I was about to find out how much she loves to play with what she owns.

Ha ha don’t get all excited and carried away – when I said Mistress was ready to play I mean she was ready to show me how much she likes needles!!!

I’m just like most people – needles are best avoided – but restrained to this sitting cross there is no escape. I get a choice of colour – no idea why and I won’t spoil it for you just pick carefully!

After counting out her current stock Mistress told me I would have 20 needles inserted in her cock.

She had shown me previously a photo of the crown of thorns so already I was pooping myself – well almost – remember my ass is hovering in mid air on this chair!!!!

Number one -oh yes you feel it just like giving blood but it goes in and it comes out the other side!!

I could feel Mistress progressing along her cock to the tip ( and the crown). In the end my mind was filled with the image of a needle piercing the head and I really thought one had. But after calming my breathing Mistress lifted my blindfold and her cock was covered in needles from base to the head but the head was saved – at least for this session. Check the result out on Mistresses Twitter page .

Now I’m sure you’ve guessed. What goes in must come out and out they come with no blindfold to hide behind. It looks horrendous but again a part of me loved it. Bring on that crown of thorns!!!

By now my limbs are trembling so Mistress unties me ahead of part two.

I guess what’s coming next as I am asked to face the wall and am shackled to the St Andrews cross. Caning paddling and whipping but how where and when is just a confusion in my brain. But I have given myself without limit to my Mistress so I start to seek that place – sub space – which will lift me above the physical pain. I get a good whipping with my Mistresses whip that stings all over and covers me with stripes – I can hear her enjoyment at the painting she is making on her slaves body. Then the single tail. Oh how Mistress searches for the same five strong lashes that marked me before – it’s impossible to remain unmoving though I bite back the expletives as Mistress catches me on my thighs, legs, lower back and between the shoulders – ouch!

I think Mistress enjoyed this so much I got off very lightly on the caning.

Then Mistress turned me around so I was shackled to the cross blindfolded cock exposed. Now new torment as Mistress attacked my nipples and just above my nipples with her crop. I defy anyone to take that repeated strikes on the upper chest without cracking.

And my reward for pushing myself? A damn good cropping of Mistresses cock – again some of this is on Twitter and you’ll see it made me squirm!,

I missed the most painful bit. In my last session Mistress showed me a box full of school style crocodile clips. Little evil things with a strong strong spring and very sharp teeth. I had suffered these for a short spell in that session but now Mistress fitted four to her owned balls and connected two of them to electrics. Bloody hell – hurt – they are horrible the electrics make them bite again and again and again – but it’s my Mistresses birthday so I swallow down the pain and smile, well grimace grit my teeth and take it like a man. Believe me those things are not for the faint hearted.

They hurt so much Mistress could take the electric sound out of her owned cock and touch it to the tip without me flinching. Once the clips were removed this made me yell in pain. But let’s not miss the pain of taking those crocodile clips off wow it makes you sweat it hurts so much.

And this session my Mistress didn’t forget the violet wand either. My whole body got a taste so much so I know what I smell like if I’m ever cooked! Something was burning!

All in all a fantastic session. Mistress really understands what you need and how to test your limits with sufficient fear to excite but not to push you over the edge though I don’t doubt she can do that too. Watch this space as I know at some point I”ll find out. I so hope so. Thank you Mistress.

Slave Review 16

Hi Madame Cane just to say a really big thank you for our last session it was absolutely brilliant and great fun.

I was a little confused about what I was feeling at first but then realised i became a little aroused and had a little dribble. The harder the cane strokes I felt more aroused I felt.

Is a normal progression ? now I want to have a much harder and more ruthless canning punishment please from you next time.

Only from your Dragon cane for the full session.

Slave Review 15

I went to see Madame Cane for the first time on Tuesday and she is a very nice lady. We started the session with electrics it was brilliant then we had some CP at first the strap it was good then the paddle it was very very good and the cane my bottom was getting very sore by then and some flogging very good then some more electric fantastic all in all a fantastic session THANK YOU Big D xx

Slave Review 14

My third meeting with Madame Cane

This was my third meeting with the wonderful Madame Cane I had seen her once earlier this year then again in a dual sissy session a few weeks later but it was just me and her this time.
As normal I received a warm welcome and as I stripped and put on my session lingerie we discussed how that I wished the session was to go.

I was strapped to the CBT chair, my legs were spread and my hands were held out of harm’s way, but my cock was presented to Mistress to receive as much harm as she wished to give.
Mistress loves her electrics and her sounds, and so do I . At first you wonder how that rod is going to go down into my willy. It turns out to be a wonderful sensation as it is moved in and out.
Then you realize that Mistress has connected the sound to her electric box and you feel a gentle buzzing until the tip of the rod is withdrawn and meets the end of your cock and you are straining against the restraints, Mistress is advising you to breathe easy and go with the flow!! Oh, and at the same time she is gradually increasing the power of the electric going to the nipple clamps attached at the beginning. WoW!! We continued with more CBT ending up with my cock getting a good whipping.

It was then time for my CP. For me if have not had a ‘proper session ‘if I have not had a taste of the cane, even though my fantasy CP is a long way from that I can take in reality . I of course had mentioned this to Mistress in our pre-session chat so she said I should start stretch my limits. So it was onto the whipping bench to be tightly strapped down so that I could not move. Before any canning took place, my bottom had to be warmed up and so Mistress warmed my backside with her firm hand and a variety of different. straps paddles and whips .
I was then asked to choose between Red Purple or Black, this turned out to be the colours of the handles of her canes I think that I chose purple , but in the end I think that I tasted them all. I am sure that I did not get Mistresses full force, but it was good enough for me I can still feel it a day later as I type this review.

Unfortunately we had then come to the end of our time and our session had finished. During our end of session chat I talked about my fantasies and what I would like next session, Mistress says ” no problem , we can do that “. all I need now is the time and the funds, I hope it will not be too long.

Thank you mistress for another excellent session, slave Mary. XX

Slave Review 13

Our session began like all of our sessions with Mistress offering me a drink, and we chatted as Mistress selected music to suit her mood. When I was undressed and ready Mistress asked me to sit on a chair which I hadn’t noticed in her dungeon before. I had to step up into the seat which was a wide spread V and when my legs were on the V supporting my weight my legs were spread wide open offering Mistress my cock and balls – it’s at a time like this I realise she does own them!

Then Mistress took each of my arms and using her wrist cuffs spread me out as if I was on a cross. I’m now sat on my thighs alone as the footrests are a good 6” below my feet and I’m tall. There is no support from my arms which are also spread wide. Mistress now has cock balls and nipples fully exposed. As my mind is wondering what’s in store Mistress tells me she has found some bargains she wants to try out on me. A slimming electro kit and a pregnancy tens machine. Both giving mains power to Mistress’ array of electrical torture/pleasure pieces. But after showing me them Mistress fits my blindfold. Wow I’m so excited, a little scared for sure, but excited. I’m a man so my brain is fully focussed on what Mistress will inflict on her fully exposed cock and balls and arrrrggghhhj Mistress fits one of what I have to assume is a pair of viscous nipple clamps. Mistress knows I love this exquisite pain so she tweaks the clamp setting off another jolt of joyful pain. And then the second one and then both tweaked together. Foolishly I’d told Mistress she could cane her cock – what possessed me to do that – thwack the first blow landed – why when it should be shrinking does it stand up looking for more! After some more teasing with the cane and the brutally painful removal of the nipple clamps when I wasn’t expecting it Mistress removed my blindfold. It was now time for some sounding. Mistress treated me to a full set of sounds before finishing this set with her new electric sound – a sensation which has to be experienced. With the sound fully inserted and close to the external contact there is hardly any sensation at all then Mistress pulls it slowly out and the sensation grows until the sound is only just in and it’s impossible not to let out a gasp. This amuses Mistress who then takes great pleasure in removing the sound and having to remake contact with the top of her owned cock with what my brain is telling me is 50,000 volts. I’m watching too so of course I jump – well I would if I wasn’t secured to this chair! Before the thigh caning a little electrics with the new machine – I’m as curious as Mistress as at some settings this cock and balls electrics is really good and at others arrrgghh – what would the tens machine be like? Mmmmmmm it gave a really good strong pulse that chased down my rapidly swelling cock. Mistress was kind and didn’t make me scream – I was silently willing Mistress to go for a pee break so I could indulge in the pulsing – then again wouldn’t want to have an accident and incur any wrath from Mistress. And as I wasn’t blindfolded I could see there was space on that dial to switch from Mmmm to arrrghhhhhh.

Finally for this chair session Mistress decides to get a reaction by cropping my inner thighs. Whack! Whack! Two perfect crop marks begin to form on my thighs. So happy with this Mistress keeps whacking thigh to thigh and a cock whack randomly included to keep me guessing. Then because my thighs are glowing nicely Mistress takes her long thin white cane and hits the same spot on my thigh – I refuse to cry out engaging Mistresses mind game – wow this really hurts but I must hold out until Mistress stops – bloody hell no arrrghhhh that hurts Mistress no more please!!! That gets a joyous giggle as Mistress moves into the other thigh. Again I try harder to take it – now for a misplaced feeling of slave pride – arrrrghhhh **** **** **** that hurts Mistress. My nipples had a few whacks too but by now it’s my thighs that are sore. Mistress starts to release me and I ease the blood back into my arms. My legs are freed but arrrrgghhh I’ve stuck to the seat. I lift my legs as much as I can but the skin is stuck like glue to the seat. In the end I have to jump off – remember the footsteps are too far away to be of any help. It was like ripping duck tape off the backs of my legs – arrrggghhhhh again. Wow I love that chair – thank you Mistress x

Slave Review 12

Dear lovely Madame Cane.

Thank you so much for a fantastic session.

This was my first ever visit to a dominatrix and I was not disappointed at all. I was of course a little apprehensive before my visit wondering how it would go, but your easy going and unhurried manner soon put me at ease.

Primarily I was visiting for sissy and strap on training but my introduction to your violet wand, estim, and urethral play with sounds were mind-blowing and you now most certainly have a new convert to electrics!!

Once again thank you. I hope I can now number myself amongst your submissives. I shall certainly be visiting you again as soon as work and finances allow (with your permission of course).

Yours with great respect and gratitude, Mandy B. X

Slave Review 11

I recently paid my first visit and it certainly won’t be my last visit to Madame Cane.

Very welcoming on my arrival and very attentive and understanding whilst discussing my interests and ideas pre-session.

Once we got under way incredibly authentic and effective-my particular thing being role play and CP. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience all round with a massive contrast between the friendliness before and after the session interspersed with the ruthlessness of the one hour in between!

Already planning my next visit in order to repeat the fun.

Slave Review 10

I have just returned from a wonderful session with the superb Madame Cane. This is my third visit to her new dungeon and each time I have visited she has bound me tightly with rope, in a different way each time. On each occasion I have been unable to escape, despite my many tries.

I have been secured to a chair, hog tied on the floor and tightly bound to her tiger bench, to be tortured and teased at Madame Cane’s will.

On this most recent occasion she used her rope skills to bind me to her new post allowing me no escape whatsoever, and precious little movement, as I had rope securing me from head to foot literally. She then spent time tormenting me with whatever took her fancy. I couldn’t see a thing as I was hooded, and any protests were muffled by the efficient multi-scarf gag that she decided to use to stifle any unwanted sound. She has a good collection of silk scarves, and they are certainly put to imaginative uses during these sessions! At other times all was quiet and I was unsure whether she had left the room or was plotting some other devious way to torment me.

Three hours flew by, the time I spent secured to the post, but the memories will linger long into the future, as did some of the rope marks 🙂

It was a really enjoyable session, full of suspense and surprise, bondage, torment, and wicked laughter (not mine though!!).

Now I just need to book another session ….

Thank You Madame Cane.