Slave Review 10

I have just returned from a wonderful session with the superb Madame Cane. This is my third visit to her new dungeon and each time I have visited she has bound me tightly with rope, in a different way each time. On each occasion I have been unable to escape, despite my many tries.

I have been secured to a chair, hog tied on the floor and tightly bound to her tiger bench, to be tortured and teased at Madame Cane’s will.

On this most recent occasion she used her rope skills to bind me to her new post allowing me no escape whatsoever, and precious little movement, as I had rope securing me from head to foot literally. She then spent time tormenting me with whatever took her fancy. I couldn’t see a thing as I was hooded, and any protests were muffled by the efficient multi-scarf gag that she decided to use to stifle any unwanted sound. She has a good collection of silk scarves, and they are certainly put to imaginative uses during these sessions! At other times all was quiet and I was unsure whether she had left the room or was plotting some other devious way to torment me.

Three hours flew by, the time I spent secured to the post, but the memories will linger long into the future, as did some of the rope marks 🙂

It was a really enjoyable session, full of suspense and surprise, bondage, torment, and wicked laughter (not mine though!!).

Now I just need to book another session ….

Thank You Madame Cane.


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