Slave Review 13

Our session began like all of our sessions with Mistress offering me a drink, and we chatted as Mistress selected music to suit her mood. When I was undressed and ready Mistress asked me to sit on a chair which I hadn’t noticed in her dungeon before. I had to step up into the seat which was a wide spread V and when my legs were on the V supporting my weight my legs were spread wide open offering Mistress my cock and balls – it’s at a time like this I realise she does own them!

Then Mistress took each of my arms and using her wrist cuffs spread me out as if I was on a cross. I’m now sat on my thighs alone as the footrests are a good 6” below my feet and I’m tall. There is no support from my arms which are also spread wide. Mistress now has cock balls and nipples fully exposed. As my mind is wondering what’s in store Mistress tells me she has found some bargains she wants to try out on me. A slimming electro kit and a pregnancy tens machine. Both giving mains power to Mistress’ array of electrical torture/pleasure pieces. But after showing me them Mistress fits my blindfold. Wow I’m so excited, a little scared for sure, but excited. I’m a man so my brain is fully focussed on what Mistress will inflict on her fully exposed cock and balls and arrrrggghhhj Mistress fits one of what I have to assume is a pair of viscous nipple clamps. Mistress knows I love this exquisite pain so she tweaks the clamp setting off another jolt of joyful pain. And then the second one and then both tweaked together. Foolishly I’d told Mistress she could cane her cock – what possessed me to do that – thwack the first blow landed – why when it should be shrinking does it stand up looking for more! After some more teasing with the cane and the brutally painful removal of the nipple clamps when I wasn’t expecting it Mistress removed my blindfold. It was now time for some sounding. Mistress treated me to a full set of sounds before finishing this set with her new electric sound – a sensation which has to be experienced. With the sound fully inserted and close to the external contact there is hardly any sensation at all then Mistress pulls it slowly out and the sensation grows until the sound is only just in and it’s impossible not to let out a gasp. This amuses Mistress who then takes great pleasure in removing the sound and having to remake contact with the top of her owned cock with what my brain is telling me is 50,000 volts. I’m watching too so of course I jump – well I would if I wasn’t secured to this chair! Before the thigh caning a little electrics with the new machine – I’m as curious as Mistress as at some settings this cock and balls electrics is really good and at others arrrgghh – what would the tens machine be like? Mmmmmmm it gave a really good strong pulse that chased down my rapidly swelling cock. Mistress was kind and didn’t make me scream – I was silently willing Mistress to go for a pee break so I could indulge in the pulsing – then again wouldn’t want to have an accident and incur any wrath from Mistress. And as I wasn’t blindfolded I could see there was space on that dial to switch from Mmmm to arrrghhhhhh.

Finally for this chair session Mistress decides to get a reaction by cropping my inner thighs. Whack! Whack! Two perfect crop marks begin to form on my thighs. So happy with this Mistress keeps whacking thigh to thigh and a cock whack randomly included to keep me guessing. Then because my thighs are glowing nicely Mistress takes her long thin white cane and hits the same spot on my thigh – I refuse to cry out engaging Mistresses mind game – wow this really hurts but I must hold out until Mistress stops – bloody hell no arrrghhhh that hurts Mistress no more please!!! That gets a joyous giggle as Mistress moves into the other thigh. Again I try harder to take it – now for a misplaced feeling of slave pride – arrrrghhhh **** **** **** that hurts Mistress. My nipples had a few whacks too but by now it’s my thighs that are sore. Mistress starts to release me and I ease the blood back into my arms. My legs are freed but arrrrgghhh I’ve stuck to the seat. I lift my legs as much as I can but the skin is stuck like glue to the seat. In the end I have to jump off – remember the footsteps are too far away to be of any help. It was like ripping duck tape off the backs of my legs – arrrggghhhhh again. Wow I love that chair – thank you Mistress x

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