Slave Review 14

My third meeting with Madame Cane

This was my third meeting with the wonderful Madame Cane I had seen her once earlier this year then again in a dual sissy session a few weeks later but it was just me and her this time.
As normal I received a warm welcome and as I stripped and put on my session lingerie we discussed how that I wished the session was to go.

I was strapped to the CBT chair, my legs were spread and my hands were held out of harm’s way, but my cock was presented to Mistress to receive as much harm as she wished to give.
Mistress loves her electrics and her sounds, and so do I . At first you wonder how that rod is going to go down into my willy. It turns out to be a wonderful sensation as it is moved in and out.
Then you realize that Mistress has connected the sound to her electric box and you feel a gentle buzzing until the tip of the rod is withdrawn and meets the end of your cock and you are straining against the restraints, Mistress is advising you to breathe easy and go with the flow!! Oh, and at the same time she is gradually increasing the power of the electric going to the nipple clamps attached at the beginning. WoW!! We continued with more CBT ending up with my cock getting a good whipping.

It was then time for my CP. For me if have not had a ‘proper session ‘if I have not had a taste of the cane, even though my fantasy CP is a long way from that I can take in reality . I of course had mentioned this to Mistress in our pre-session chat so she said I should start stretch my limits. So it was onto the whipping bench to be tightly strapped down so that I could not move. Before any canning took place, my bottom had to be warmed up and so Mistress warmed my backside with her firm hand and a variety of different. straps paddles and whips .
I was then asked to choose between Red Purple or Black, this turned out to be the colours of the handles of her canes I think that I chose purple , but in the end I think that I tasted them all. I am sure that I did not get Mistresses full force, but it was good enough for me I can still feel it a day later as I type this review.

Unfortunately we had then come to the end of our time and our session had finished. During our end of session chat I talked about my fantasies and what I would like next session, Mistress says ” no problem , we can do that “. all I need now is the time and the funds, I hope it will not be too long.

Thank you mistress for another excellent session, slave Mary. XX

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