Slave Review 17

I was so excited to be granted a session on the same weekend as my Mistresses birthday, so stupidly excited I gave myself to her for her amusement without limits or consideration of my likes and dislikes.
After minimal pleasantries and a drink (no need to discuss the forthcoming session as my input not required) I was instructed to strip as Mistress prepared the wonderfully comfortable chair that spreads your legs and arms and exposes your Mistresses property fully. This chair is hard wood that you perch on supported by just your thighs until after a time you believe you are a part of it – well you would if your mind wasn’t distracted by what else is going on.

My Mistress blindfolded me and welcomed me to the session with two nipple clamps joined by a chain which was used to check they had been fitted securely. I’d love to say this hurts – and it does but somewhere in my brain the pain is sidelined and the pleasure is just wonderful. Mistress picks up on this and pulls the chain in all directions to get me to moan in both pain and pleasure.

A couple of strikes with her crop on my, by now leaking cock, soon get me back from enjoying the nipple pain. Did I say my cock? Oh that will cost me – of course my Mistress owns this cock. And I was about to find out how much she loves to play with what she owns.

Ha ha don’t get all excited and carried away – when I said Mistress was ready to play I mean she was ready to show me how much she likes needles!!!

I’m just like most people – needles are best avoided – but restrained to this sitting cross there is no escape. I get a choice of colour – no idea why and I won’t spoil it for you just pick carefully!

After counting out her current stock Mistress told me I would have 20 needles inserted in her cock.

She had shown me previously a photo of the crown of thorns so already I was pooping myself – well almost – remember my ass is hovering in mid air on this chair!!!!

Number one -oh yes you feel it just like giving blood but it goes in and it comes out the other side!!

I could feel Mistress progressing along her cock to the tip ( and the crown). In the end my mind was filled with the image of a needle piercing the head and I really thought one had. But after calming my breathing Mistress lifted my blindfold and her cock was covered in needles from base to the head but the head was saved – at least for this session. Check the result out on Mistresses Twitter page .

Now I’m sure you’ve guessed. What goes in must come out and out they come with no blindfold to hide behind. It looks horrendous but again a part of me loved it. Bring on that crown of thorns!!!

By now my limbs are trembling so Mistress unties me ahead of part two.

I guess what’s coming next as I am asked to face the wall and am shackled to the St Andrews cross. Caning paddling and whipping but how where and when is just a confusion in my brain. But I have given myself without limit to my Mistress so I start to seek that place – sub space – which will lift me above the physical pain. I get a good whipping with my Mistresses whip that stings all over and covers me with stripes – I can hear her enjoyment at the painting she is making on her slaves body. Then the single tail. Oh how Mistress searches for the same five strong lashes that marked me before – it’s impossible to remain unmoving though I bite back the expletives as Mistress catches me on my thighs, legs, lower back and between the shoulders – ouch!

I think Mistress enjoyed this so much I got off very lightly on the caning.

Then Mistress turned me around so I was shackled to the cross blindfolded cock exposed. Now new torment as Mistress attacked my nipples and just above my nipples with her crop. I defy anyone to take that repeated strikes on the upper chest without cracking.

And my reward for pushing myself? A damn good cropping of Mistresses cock – again some of this is on Twitter and you’ll see it made me squirm!,

I missed the most painful bit. In my last session Mistress showed me a box full of school style crocodile clips. Little evil things with a strong strong spring and very sharp teeth. I had suffered these for a short spell in that session but now Mistress fitted four to her owned balls and connected two of them to electrics. Bloody hell – hurt – they are horrible the electrics make them bite again and again and again – but it’s my Mistresses birthday so I swallow down the pain and smile, well grimace grit my teeth and take it like a man. Believe me those things are not for the faint hearted.

They hurt so much Mistress could take the electric sound out of her owned cock and touch it to the tip without me flinching. Once the clips were removed this made me yell in pain. But let’s not miss the pain of taking those crocodile clips off wow it makes you sweat it hurts so much.

And this session my Mistress didn’t forget the violet wand either. My whole body got a taste so much so I know what I smell like if I’m ever cooked! Something was burning!

All in all a fantastic session. Mistress really understands what you need and how to test your limits with sufficient fear to excite but not to push you over the edge though I don’t doubt she can do that too. Watch this space as I know at some point I”ll find out. I so hope so. Thank you Mistress.

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