Slave Review 19

I couldn’t wait for this session it seems like ages since I was before my Mistress eager to take whatever punishments she had in store for me – treats too  – though I knew I’d been careless and I do know how much Mistress loves to push my limits.
Oh nooo – no soft build up this session, just chained up standing in the middle of the room. Before she blindfolded me Mistress selected her choice of pleasure givers. The single tail, the dragons tongue, her favourite purple crop, a thick mean looking cane – no paddles, no floggers – oh we all love floggers don’t we. I was beyond excited and apprehensive now. I felt a shimmer of fear as Mistress fitted the blindfold and I heard her take up position behind me. I forget how many strokes I was due and the number is still too high to believe counting will help me reach the end of the onslaught. Thump and the single tail lands heavily on my back holy crap I don’t think I can take this. Owwwww the single tail catches me just right it’s end whipping around to leave a welt below my nipple that In the end took over a week to fade. Wow the difference between those pains. Each to their own but the deep thuds really hurt me and search as I might I can’t find the pleasure hidden within them but oh those force stinging single tail lashes that land cleanly and raise huge welts wow they hurt (I wanted to swear then so you know what I mean) they make me want to dance but in there is a rush of adrenaline, a pain wave that is sensual – I want to scream stop yet no I want more. No worries on that score. Mistress had a picture to paint on my body and she wasn’t giving any sympathy until it was done. Check my back and ass stripes out on her twitter page. And yes it’s true you will love carrying those marks and I defy you not to crave more when they’ve gone. Thank you my Mistress for delivering your special black hearted love for your slave with such skill persistence and happiness. Your laughter through the glorious pain truly is the addiction xxxx

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